Pinterest clinic

It started with a Pin

it became a purpose

with profit


Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m Antonella, a Pinterest mentor and Visual content curator.

To put it simply: I help you reach a source of customers that most online businesses ignore. 

You know that actively posting on Pinterest and Instagram can increase traffic to your website. But do you know...

how to find the best visual content for your business?

what it takes to create and curate shareable content? 

why it’s important to cultivate a following right away? and how to do this? 

who are the people on Pinterest that want to see your pins, anyway?

when is the best time to post your content for maximum engagement? 

about the simple and effective SEO strategies that can take you from the bottom to the top?  

Not yet? I can help!

Pinterest Clinic is for you if you like Pinterest but don’t want to spend endless hours trying to figure it out in the dark. I guide you and help illuminate your path to success. 

When you gain confidence in using Pinterest, you can start leveraging your photos to interact with a new community of followers, a.k.a. potential customers. 

And, it’s more than just a pin. You can share your important message (the one you’ve been aching to get out there), build a following, grow your business, and have fun! All at the same time.     

Building a successful small business isn’t about the ability to make more noise, more often. It’s about using your time wisely and connecting with people who can contribute to your business in a meaningful way.  
— Antonella Pinterest Clinic

Enough talk. It’s time to start

Save yourself the time and frustration of learning how to use Pinterest on your own.

Try Pinterest Clinic and start Pinning already! 

These spa-inspired treatments will help you feel adored and pampered as you learn to Pin with poise and passion.

Pinterest Clinic essential pinning treatments.

An essential experience. You’re just starting out on Pinterest or have been Pinning “here and there” but want to implement a new strategy. If you want to deepen your learning, understand how to use this platform properly–once and for all–and make it your top referring social site, this is for you.  

Pinterest Clinic Deep Pinning Treatments

An in-depth experience. You are ready to deepen your customer relationships. You want to link your blog to Pinterest and have an overall brand presence that is truly unique to your business. If you want to understand who your dream customers are, what to pin in order to reach them and encourage them to interact with you, then this is for you.   

Pinterest Clinic SPA

An elevated experience. You are ready to grow your audience at hyper speed. If you want to enjoy the luxury of a “do-nothing” treatment and leave your worries aside, this exclusive and personalised treatment is for you.


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