YOUR Masterclass - Visual branding and Social media Strategies - London 2019

Is the week of Thanksgiving and one of the things I most thankful is share food with friends, sitting around a simple and beautiful table graced with honest food and constructive chat. 
Being grateful for thankful a project I've been working on for quite some time, even more.

I open the New Year on the 27th of January with the first Masterclass in visual branding and Pinterest as your best and fastest marketing tool with @silvia_salvialimone and @pastalab_tuscany.

I met them both for the first time at a dining table.  On that occasion, we shared home made food and ideas. It has been our mutual love for honest conversation, exchanging openly our ideas that has turned a collaboration into friendship and the combination into long term projects for the three of us. 

And now Silvia, Catia and I have prepared a new kind of Masterclass. We have called it YOUR masterclass. Because is made for you and with you in mind.


Based on the combination of our different experiences and backgrounds, we have decided to create a new style of class with the aim of filling up those gaps that we noticed in the past photography workshops. 

As you probably already know, food photography is not anymore a simple showcase of pretty meals. On top of this, cohesive feeds are not longer enough without a clear visual branding behind them. Photography is now only a part of the whole picture and in order for your feed to stand out, you are pushed to deliver a more powerful message that cut through the noise of social media.

In this masterclass we will cover all you need to know in order to build your unique and special brand. And stand out.


The masterclass.

This new format of class will focus on your individual learning needs and incorporate an extensive hands on time. We’ll allow a maximum of 4 attendees to ensure every student gets the 1-2-1 attention needed.

The core aim of the masterclass is to help you to effectively use Pinterest and to master social media strategies together with an extensive understanding of Visual Branding. This will allow you to master your social media presence and build the foundation for an authentic and profitable business. 

From smart strategies to vital technical do’s and don’ts, you will build the rock solid foundation of your unique and profitable business that genuinely makes a difference whilst staying authentic.

The day will start at 9am and end at 5pm. We’ll have an inspirational styled brunch, with beautiful and delicious, plant based food. Breakfast, tea and coffee, will also be included. 

Prior to the masterclass we will send you a questionnaire, which will help us to understand your learning needs (e.g. photography, styling, branding, social media) and build on your existing strengths the day of the masterclass. 

And we’ll look at your social media accounts to identify your brand, or possible brand cores to have a better understanding of your current work. After the master-class you will be given the opportunity to have 2 Skype follow up sessions, one with me and one with Silvia to help with your progress and to further put what you have learned into action. 

Finally, you’ll receive a unique tailored Lightroom preset which reflects your brand identity. This will help you to start your new photography journey with more confidence.

Why a styled brunch? Because is a chance to create mindful conversation and community between students. And in a beautiful, inspirational setting to expand your creativity.


On the day we will cover the following:

Styling & Photography

Photography is a form of language that serves to communicate your unique and powerful visual stories. As every other languages, photography has its own grammar and rules. In this master-class you’ll learn how to use it in a way that matters for your unique Brand.

• camera setting made easy and why they matter when you tell a story.
• we know light is the crucial part of photography, together we learn the correct use of light for your brand aesthetic
• learn what makes a distinguishable style that stands out 
• choose the right props and backgrounds to reflect each unique story and your brand too
• learn styling techniques that can be applied regardless your style
• learn what is storytelling and how to choose the right story that reflects your unique and special brand.


Branding and social media strategies

From passion projects to a business is not a small leap to take. Here, we’ll teach you what is branding and the strategies, some of them I have learnt form my corporate years into the fashion industry. I’ll guide you into the tech of Pinterest and mentor you on social media strategies.

• how to define your brand and your target audience
• how to deliver a photography that is authentic, unique and yet reflects the right trends for your specific segment
•our strategies and experiences as professional photographers and stylists working for brand and magazines.
• our top tips on how to find your unique and special voice
• how to setting up your Pinterest business profile from scratch, to make sure your pins stand out above the noise.
• Pinterest vitals and technical do’s and don’ts.
• learn techniques to extensively grow your social medias with Pinterest, in less then 10 minutes a day.
• how to map out a strategic way to double grow your audience and generate ongoing, high quality traffic to your site.
• how to create a full social media system, to up-level your brand position and fully leverage your online presence.


Who we are

Catia creator of Pastalab Tuscany is a food + interiors stylist and clinical psicologist working in London.

Silvia creator of SalviaLimone is a photographer and former fashion designer. Silvia has also worked as photographer assistant for Marieclaire Maison Italia and other interior magazines.

Catia and Silvia often team together to work for magazines and photography projects. And for cozy family Sundays, with their kids playing together as one family. Catia’s home seems to espand to harbor as many people that show up and she can whip up a feast from the most simple ingredients.

Antonella is a Pinterest Coach, Mentor and creator of Pinterest Clinic. She is a former barrister lawyer. Antonella worked for agencies such as Hello Society, a New York Times Company.

Antonella is also Silvia coach and mentor and now also one of her closest friends. She doesn’t talk to anybody before 9 so Silvia usually call her at 9.01 am every morning to catch up on work and personal life.


1 DAY master-class in East London: 680£ (250£ to reserve the spot) part of the proceeds will be donated to 1%ForThePlanet


  • A chat and questionnaire before the masterclass to identify your unique needs

  • The day of lessons and hands on with Pastalab, Pinterestclinic and Silvia_Salvialimone.

  • 2 mentoring session of 1 hour each, following the workshop (via Skype)

  • 1 breakfast and 1 plant-based lunch made by Catia and Silvia. Styled and served in the atelier.

  • Hot beverages and drinks

  • A free cheat sheet

  • 1 Lightroom preset tailored to your brand to help you get started

What you need to bring: 

  • Your camera, memory cards and charged batteries

  • Your laptop or phone with Lightroom installed (and chargers)

  • a notebook if you are still using paper like me

If you are struggling with getting your brand to stand out of the noise and the amount of works feels overwhelming, this is the masterclass for you.

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