How to get noticed on Pinterest. Part II

How to get noticed on Pinterest. Part II

A few months after I turned fifteen, I began to keep a journal. I labelled it VOLUME I and titled it Journal of the 15th Summer of Antonella — so conceited.

I asked my mum to buy me paper and scissors and I started to write in this diary daily, diligently, the only way I knew how: filling it with magazine pages. The first one was a big picture of my favourite singer, Madonna, wearing countless rubber bracelets and rocking her signature hair ribbon. This first image was followed by songs’ lyrics, stationery, notes on how to make a 16-year-old boy fall in love with you and much more (btw, Madonna made it to my journal cover in the 90s when she revealed some of the most ambitious outfits of her career: the show-stopping pink cone bra ensemble, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier)

Oh sorry, I totally lost my train of thought.

Once I grew up, I started to cut out images from different categories: lifestyle, beauty, interior design, fashion and catwalks (“the big 5”, Helena Christensen... does it ring a bell?) until I fell in love with Elle, the French lifestyle magazine on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Do you like it? If you don’t, we really need to talk.

And then I discovered Pinterest and it turned out to be for me an effective way to organise my thoughts and curate the images that inspired me. An app where my anxiety could take a rest, and my OCD tendencies could flourish? Sign me up!

Without noticing, I was already a visual content curator.

Let’s get specific. Shall we?

We’re all content curators. We bookmark pages, subscribe to blogs, share photos and articles on Facebook, and tweet information. We’re building our own online scrapbooks. Everyone, not just bloggers.

Because living in the information age means we have to manage, organise, and share information with others. Efficiently.

What we know and how we manage that, how we share it with others, are all keys to the info-game in Pinterest.

Now, I want to help you. Why? Because I want you to be happier. More money. More freedom.


I'm going to try to teach you "how to get noticed on Pinterest" (by this summer!) and how to share your visual content in a way that attracts people who might be interested in what you do. Part II.

I wrote the second part of “How to get noticed on Pinterest” for my dear friend Karthika, the lady behind CulturallYours, a visual journal and a space to share stories and connected people from different parts of the world.

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Building a successful small business is not about making more noise, more often. It’s about using your time wisely and connecting with people who can contribute to your business. In some way.

At the end of the day, we have the same hopes, dreams and aspirations – to live a life worth living.

Why not do that together?

Oh, and guess where I met Karthika? On Pinterest. Of course.

Love you, Antonella

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