How to get noticed on Pinterest. Part I

It’s what you’ve always wanted. The only thing keeping you from mega-super-stardom: you need to be discovered. If only you were plucked from obscurity, pulled up from the gutter, and presented to industry insiders, you would be a star.

But before we begin, the only reason I want you to get noticed on Pinterest is so you can add value to people’s lives in some meaningful way. Those advice aren’t about becoming some online Influencer or building vanity metrics like viewers and followers. Is about engage with your loyal followers, is about being in love with them and committing yourself to being the best in your field because You Love what You Do. For the right reason.

Know exactly what they want, when they want it.

Life is already complex enough and the individuals who are prepared to save us all time and keep things simple, are the ones who get noticed on social media. Keep it simple.

In the bigger picture, your pin description is where you tell the story that your photos can’t.

Imagine: Sunday morning, sunlit clouds drifted across a clear blue sky, you in a good mood want to make a choux pastry beignets for brunch (just let me know when it happens because I’d love to come). You grab your phone and tap on Google: How to make a choux pastry…

how to get noticed on Pinterest

There! Rank on the first page of Pinterest search (first image show up)

Pinterest works the same. Why?

Before anything else, you can’t forget that Pinterest is a search engine. Only instead of text results like you’d get on Google, you’re seeing images. The only different is the pinners’ unique mindset when they use the platform.

Think like your audience when you create new Pins. Start from your audience’s perspective: why do they use Pinterest? what kinds of ideas are they looking for? how can you help them make decisions?

Less is more. And be specific.

how to get noticed on Pinterest

By doing a little bit of thinking about what users are looking for, you get a succinct sentence or two that hits all the key phrases while still making reasonable sense for a reader unaware of the impact of keywords.

The Pinterest user might not know exactly what they’re looking for, but they’ll know it when they see it.

Descriptions are a good place to help Pinners understand what they can do with the Pin
— Pinterest

A beautiful image may catch a Pinner's attention, but a good description captures the imagination.

The best descriptions set the scene and tell a story, helping Pinners envision what they could do with your Pin.

Be sure your descriptions are thoughtful, specific and timeless. Because Pins last forever, it’s best to stay away from “temporary” descriptions. And remember that people often discover Pins through search, so the more specific you can be in the description, the more likely it is that your Pin will surface during searches.

A compelling description is your winning ticket!

Describe the main ingredients of the dish, how to cook it or what events it should be served at. Use sensory words when it’s possible. It increase click-through because they engage more brain processing power. Melt in your mouth is a sensory adjectives don’t just refer to taste, but also to sound and touch: smooth and velvety.

how to get noticed on Pinterest

There! Rank on the first page of Pinterest search (second image show up)

how to get noticed on Pinterest
Good descriptions are an accurate representation of what is in the image. Avoid URLs, which look messy, and first-person messages that don’t make sense out of context.
— Pinterest

Pinterest is telling us that our pin descriptions is VERY IMPORTANT in terms of having our pin appear as a search result on Pinterest search and in terms of being visible just because they understand what it’s about. 

When Pinterest doesn’t know what a pin is about, they don’t know where to place it in their smart feed, and it doesn’t get out there.

When it comes to photography add the year, or subject, or publication or photographer’s name
— Pinterest
how to get noticed on Pinterest

When they want it.

Remember, people start planning earlier on Pinterest than on other platforms, so you’ll want to try to get your pins live at least two months beforehand.

Did you get your Pinterest seasonal guide already? Nope! Don’t worry! You find it here!

Use this guide to start thinking about which moments work best for your brand or when you should launch your campaigns.

Building a successful small business is not about making more noise, more often.

It’s about using your time wisely, and connecting with people who can contribute to your business. In some way.

Love you, Antonella


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