Straight from the pin boards everything you need to know about Pinterest 100 emerging trends for 2019. Food lovers, take note.

Every year around this time, Pinterest gives us something far better - and more useful - than a goofy video reel: a look ahead at what we'll be wearing, buying, eating, and doing next year. It’s called the Pinterest 100 list.

I chose for you my TEN predictions to look out for in 2019. You’re welcome.

Health and Wellness

Pinterest is where people come to reconnect with themselves and try something new, without worrying about who else “Likes” it. So it’s fitting “self care”is the big theme in health and wellness for 2019 - including new trends in eating (have you heard about pegan?!), exercising and sleeping.

  1. Respect you elders: elderberries are on the rise thanks to their healthy and anti-inflammatory effects.

  2. Cape not included: add matcha, maca and other superfood powders to juice or a smoothie for a superhero boost.

    Business tip: if you’re in the hospitality business remember diligent diners are using nutrition plans to be more mindful about what they eat.


  1. Bake a wish: here’s a cake trend you can count on: number-shaped cakes are on the rise in 2019.

  2. Donut Decor: people are going nuts for donuts as colorfully edible party display - raised, old fashioned and sprinkled.

    Business tip: try creating a campaign inspired by mini moments.

vegan chocolate cake


What’s on the menu for 2019? Healthy, sustainable meals with unusual ingredients.

  1. Jam on it: a toast to homemade jam, from raspberry to blackberry to whatever-you-got-berry.

  2. Recipes you knead: bread baking is on the rise, especially when it comes to fermented loaves like sourdough.

    Business tip: create a trend-inspired endcap display using lots of foil, along with some mushroom and chocho packed dinner ideas.


Pinterest pros are looking to add color, pattern and texture in 2019. And, wallpaper makes a triumphant return to home interiors!

  1. No paint, no gain: don’t tear up that tile! People are painting their parquet floors with bold colors and mosaic patterns. 

  2. Spinning yarns: people are wrapping up their walls - and themselves - in fabric for a textured, artsy aesthetic.

    Business tip: bring your home to life with clusters of cacti, or try a mashup of all your mustard yellow furniture together.

Hobbies and interests

More than one person on Pinterest has found so much success working on the side, they transformed it into their fulltime dream job.

  1. Do the hustle: people are turning their passions into profits - from canning to DJing to online tutoring.

  2. Clay okay: ceramics have been a thing since Ancient Mesopotamia. But in 2019, handmade plates and bowls are really kiln it.

Business tip: use chalk drawings, paint drips or peeling layers of wallpaper to liven up your storefront, product display or catalog shoot.

Nap time. Ops, another trend on Pinterest!

vegan orange buns and lazy Christmas in bed

Love you, Antonella


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