Are you not sure you wanna become my best friend, yet?


I get it, my industry is plenty of programs, sign up a freebie and magical weapon and you’re tired to look through a lot of crap hoping to find the real gems.

Plus you don’t know me, we don’t know each other. If you’re thinking why I’m different from everyone else, let’s just found out together!

So, I thought, rather than stressing myself out to come up with killer Pinterest content for the blog, that maybe you’re not interested to know, I’d rather give YOU one free Pinterest Clinic Treatment right here in the form of Q&A.

Why? Because I want to help you.

I want you to have more happiness. More money. More freedom.

Plus, if this little experiment goes well, it’ll become a regular feature here.

You get free Pinterest Clinic advice, we all learn something along the way and if it sucks, let’s both pretend it never happened.

Here’s How It Works

1. Grab a cuppa and ask me anything you want about Pinterest, how to grow your business on Pinterest, how to market and sell more stuff on Pinterest, what picture you should choose for market your branding, how use Instagram and Pinterest together and anything that could fall into the get your head out of the clouds and get-done Pinterest category.

2. Realize there are no stupid questions.

Whether you’re a beginner and have a “how to get started” type question or you’ve been in the Pinterest game awhile and you want a fresh set of eyes on your marketing, your idea for a service, product or something specific about what’s the new Christmas decoration idea for 2018 on Pinterest are and what you think I can help with, ask away.

Write your ONE direct and to-the-point question in the comments section below.

We’re all here to learn and grow together, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Love You



The juice part: if you have your Pinterest set up, your Instagram account or blog when you ask your question, please provide all of them. And whatever necessary background information I need to give a proper answer. It helps me put a “picture” to the name and is way more interesting to look at than the standard type-font.

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