Do you speak chocolate? If you don’t, skip this one.

Have you ever had such a mind-blowing discover experience with someone that you couldn't help but tell everyone about it? ⠀

I had one of those “Oh, HELL YES!” moments with Sabine last summer. I was so inspired by the seemingly small yet powerful things she did on Pinterest — I had to make a case study about it.

Meanwhile, we become friends, chatting on Instagram and “pin” on Pinterest. And she’s good, I can tell you, almost as a soft and moist triple chocolate cake. I’ve got proof. She brought to me.

So, get your pin button ready, because this one is full of indulgent delicious inspiration and Pinterest tips. You’re welcome.


Hi Sabine, welcome in my kitchen. Please have a seat, I put the kettle on. Tell me about you?

Hi Antonella, it’s comfy here. Thanks for having me. I’m in my 30s and currently live in Austria. Next year I’m going to move to San Francisco. Living in the US has been a dream for many years. I love the US, and I really feel connected to the people there. This is the reason why my blog is focused on US baking recipes rather than European recipes.

Since I’m a little kid, I have a passion for baking. Anytime in 2016, I thought, hey, why not share all my recipes with the world? So I started blogging two years ago. My very first blog post went live on the 31st of October. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, btw.

When you became active in Pinterest and how did you started?

As soon as I started my blog, I got active on Pinterest as well. So anytime in November 2016. I had absolutely no clue what I did, I just pinned my photos on my boards, and that’s it. Everything was just overwhelming.

By the end of 2017, so one year after starting out, I had around 500 Pinterest followers. Nothing. I joined a couple of group boards and shared my own photos and others as well. But I stucked. I couldn’t figure out what works. I thought that it is the same like Google or any other social media platform. It needs time until you get recognised. Looking back, I know now why my pins didn’t take off. My photography was “ok” but nothing special, you know?


So, did you improve the quality of your photography and pins for the platform? Did you gained exposure on Pinterest for that?

Since August this year, it really takes off. I had around 1500 followers in August and have now two months later over 6700 (plus 10million+ monthly viewers). Also, traffic increased a lot. My pinning strategy is almost the same as in the beginning. But my photos are so much better. I think this is the key to perform well on Pinterest because it is a visual platform. 

What's working for you now on Pinterest and not?

What I don’t do are tribes. I know that many bloggers love them, but I really don’t see any benefit for me. I don’t use tribes for months. I don’t like tribes because of their rules. Pin one share one. This is not my philosophy. The same with sharing group boards. I just contribute with boards where aren't such rules. What I also don’t do are long pins. Just the 2:3 ratio without any writing on it.


What’s not working about what they currently use? In other words, what could be improved? 

What I would improve is the visibility of comments and tries. I often miss that someone tried one of my recipes and shared a photo. It is in the notifications fur sure, but I get so many notifications every day that I miss a lot. This bugs me. I want to see and react to everyone's comment or photo.

What did you like best about Pinterest? 

Pinterest is my favourite platform of all. It is the least time consuming and the most beneficial tool of all. When I think about how much time I spend on Instagram. At least 10x more than on Pinterest. But the traffic is exactly in the other way. And I’m also super happy that video is coming to Pinterest. And what I also love about Pinterest is that it is not a pay to play platform like Facebook. 


What’s your normal day looks like?

Usually, after I’m done with baking and shooting I start editing my photos and videos. And after a while, I desperately start craving a slice or piece of whatever I edit at that moment. And this happens to me all the time, no matter if I had already something sweet or not. For example, I edit pecan cookie photos and banana cake photos after another. When I edit the pecan cookies, I think by myself, ok let's grab one. When I start editing the banana cake photos afterword, well you know what happens.

I understand why it happens.


Well Sabine, thank you for hanging out with me and sharing the behind the scenes look into your business. I really appreciate it.

Thank you, Antonella. I love talking to you. We can do it again.

You bet.

Love you



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