Hi, I’m Antonella

and I’m a Pinner. A Pinterest user. An insider.

Here my bio written in 3rd person – because that way, it doesn’t sound all complacence.

Born and raised in Italy, Antonella has always been artistic. She loves to create elegant photographs that tell a beautiful story. After art, her second true love is chocolate and she also has a creative eye for interior design.  

After spending 15 years working as a Criminal Lawyer, Antonella kissed her home goodbye. She said farewell to all her friends and colleagues and left Italy with two suitcases, a really young plant named Eloise, and a smart boyfriend, to relocate in Germany.

Then a weird thing happened: an email popped up with an invitation: “Paul invited you to join on Pinterest.” 

“Oh, what’s that?” Antonella asked. 

"Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows people to save images to virtual pinboards and share those images with anyone online," he replied. 

“Oh, I like the idea, thanks!” And she was in.

Antonella chose a name for her Pinterest profile (antonella) and a niche. Her first board was titled “only chocolate for me.” She also created and arranged her eye-catching boards and filled them with trustworthy visual content. In 2012, she started playing and hasn’t stopped since. 

Apparently she was playing quite well. A new email showed up in her inbox from The New York Times Company: “Antonella, your pins are driving tons of people to our client’s website.

Do you want to become our visual online influencer on Pinterest? Will you show us how to do that with our own pins?” 

“Is this a real job? Am I gonna get paid for doing what I love??!” she asked herself.   

They hired her as a “Visual Online Influencer” for HelloSociety, the first Pinterest marketing and analytics firm. This was her “open door” to work on Pinterest.  And she thought Pinterest was a platform only for recipes, interior decor ideas, and instructions for how to make a DIY knit tote bag (shame on her!)

These days, Antonella works collaboratively with established bloggers in design, interiors, fashion, food, travel, lifestyle and photography. She helps her clients choose the best visual material for their online campaigns on Pinterest. She helps them understand the huge power of this visual search engine platform that can “kick-start” their blog.

Her dream job (that she didn’t know existed) is now a reality. And she’s never looked back. 

Now she lives in Portugal, with her smart husband.

Together, they continue to keep plants alive and the chocolate is always in fresh supply. 

And yes, she was born with the white streak in her hair.