It started with a Pin

it became a purpose

with profit


Between you and I

You want to drive traffic to your website without lifting a finger.

You want grown your email list hoping your writings being reading by more than just your mum.

You want grow your Instagram following create a community around your passion and make money.

Dream on!


Or, get good at Pinterest.

Because Pinterest, when you use it right, works magic.

I found that out by accident. I started pinning purely for pleasure.

Food photography was my passion. I posted things I loved: interiors, fashion and batch of chocolate cakes. I had no business, nothing to market.

But it turned out my pins were marketing hard.  

A company called me and said, “Antonella, your pins are driving tons of people to our clients website. Do you want became our visual online influencer on Pinterest? Really, me?! Will you show us how to do that with our own pins?” Is this a real job I asked? I gotta get paid for that?

They hired me.


I showed them what quality photos and size use,

how express their own message by an image,

how to caption them,

which keywords to choose, where to pin, from whom

… a visual online editor but on Pinterest.



Generate traffic. Generate revenue.

I can help You, too.

Get started below

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Hi, it’s nice to meet you

I’m Antonella, a Pinterest editor and consultant for you who are ready to put into action your adorable boards and pins.

To put in simple: I help you to gain confidence in using Pinterest for your business, increase traffic to your website, leverage your IG community and found a source of marketing that none of your competitors are really using.



Enough blah blah. It’s time to start

for you

who don’t get, don’t do and don’t want to spend endless time on Pinterest

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If you’re just starting out in Pinterest or you want implementing your strategy, if you want deeply learn and understand how to use the platform properly, once and for all, and make it your top referring social site, this is for you.

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If you’re ready to deepen your customer relationships, understanding who is your dream customers, and what to pin in order to rich and encourage them to interact with you. If you want forever link your blog to Pinterest and have an overall brand presence that is truly unique to your business, this is for you.

Pinterest Clinic SPA

An elevated experience. If you want enjoy the luxury of a “do-nothing” treatments and leave your worries aside, if you are ready to grow your audience at hyper speed, this exclusive treatments is for you.


 Tired of loving each other from afar?


Still here?


because now is your turn

Please, show me your best visual page

and bring a chocolate cake,

Because the first impression counts.